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Remember a professional resume = a professional job.

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Build your resume.

NOTICE! At Help you will be able to build your professional resume right online, you can quit at anytime to come back and continue building your resume again. It will take about 8 minutes to build your resume with our resume builder.

1. You may activate and deactivate your resume at anytime and there is no charge, this feature its totally FREE!. Once you activate your resume, your resume will be immediately listed with its own unique URL for you to send to your protential employer.

2. Please accurately fill out your resume. A non-professional resume means a non-professional employee.

3. You may add photos to your work history section of your resume click on the image(s) link in the work section to view in the samples below.

View Resume Sample 1
View Resume Sample 2

4. You may also export your resume into MS Word or PDF documents.


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